{ To tell people to go back home is a very odd statement. }


This is a statement I hear so, so much, and I know my family has as well. Being a visible minority, it’s easy to pinpoint the color of our skin and think of us as immigrants or terrorists that are hurting the country.

There is no white Canada, nor is there a white America. Both of them should embrace diversity and multiculturalism but people group all immigrants as people that are hurting the economy. This is outright racism and anti-Muslim sentiment, plain and simple. To have such an outrageous accusation that all Muslims are bad is grouping many innocent people that have done no wrong except try to find a better living for themselves and their family.

I should go back home? I’d have to go back to Japan, where I left when I was 5. Canada is my home. Canada has a special place in my heart because I’ve lived here for so long, and many people that have lived in America and Canada will agree with me. Where will they go back home if their home is already here? Why are people so adamant in taking people of color out of the country and putting them in places that are potentially detrimental to their way of life?

This is racism. Racism is ruining our country, not Sharia Law, not burqas, not Islam. Racism is. Racism is dividing America and Canada into two different regions of visible minorities vs. non-visible minorities. People may think they are destroying an evil by being bigoted, but they are creating one instead.

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EDIT: *WARNING* — anti-Muslim, racist, ableist, abusive & violent language




 Upset with the incredibly disgusting hate rally against Muslims in Yorba Linda?

 It’s heart-breaking. Over 300 hate-mongers, waving American flags, shout at Muslims as they enter a fundraiser to raise funds for battered women and the homeless.

Then let’s use our voices to stand against this. You can contact the two congressmen who were at the protest:

Gary Miller: 714.257.1142

Ed Royce: 714.634.2340


Contact: Gary Miller (R) California []

Contact: City of Villa Park regarding Councilwoman Deborah Pauly []

Contact: Ed Royce (R) California []

Contact Jerry Brown - Governer California []

Contact: Other Congress Members []

Dear [NAME],

I would like to bring attention to recent actions by elected officials of the State of California. On February 13th, a group of Muslims gathered to raise money for woman’s shelters and to help relieve homeless and hunger in the US at a Yorba Linda community center. Outside, there was what one could call a protest.

Although many of those attending this so called protest held American flags, their actions were the antithesis of what it means to be an American. It is an absolute right for anyone in this country to protest. But what happened on February 14th showed some of the ugliest display of bigotry and racism in the modern world. The Muslim attendees were called pedophiles, terrorists, and were repeatedly verybally abused. The fact that there were Muslim children attending the event could not stop the shrills of this angry mob.

Beyond the hate speech, local Councilwoman Deborah Pauly stated “as a matter of fact, I know quite a few marines who will be very happy to help these terrorists to an early meeting in paradise.”

If this does not echo inciteful hate speech, I’m not sure what does.

Other elected officials that were present included both Gary Miller (R-Caifornia) and Ed Royce (R-California).

I want it on the record that this does not reflect the ideals of America. The notion that an elected official can issue a veiled death threat is deplorable. 

Whether her comment has any sort of legal consequence, should be left up to the lawyers.



Concerned Citizen of the United States of America

I’m not from the USA but please reblog and phone.

i know these are the things I shouldn’t cry about and try to be strong and educate others on but

i’d cry a lot. Will cry. Many many tears over islamophobia ;_______;

When that person shouted “why don’t you beat up your wife like always”, that just brought flames of rage. in Islam, you are not allowed to hit you wife with even a flower. I wouldn’t even call someone who did that Muslim. They need to educate themselves

re-reblogging for additional commentary and to help keep this in circulation.

oh and here’s a place where you can fax these people for free over the internet if you want (2-a-day limit, though).

if you cannot contact these people, passing this around is still very helpful.  thank you.

transcript of video.  the same *WARNINGs* apply (language is anti-Muslim, racist, ableist, violent & abusive).  sorry if it’s not helpful, i couldn’t make out a lot of the shouting from the protesters:

[video starts with white text on black background, over audio of screaming protesters and someone chanting “go back home” into a megaphone.  text reads “On Sunday, February 13, 2011 ICNA Relief (an American Muslim relief organization) held a dinner event in Yorba Linda, CA to raise money for women’s shelters, and to help relieve homelessness and hunger in the U.S.  A few hundred protesters showed up, harrasing those attending as they walked to and from the event hall.  Elected officials also attended and spoke at the protest.  The protest was sponsored by extremist and hate groups such as a local Tea Party group called, “We Surround Them OC 912,” Rabbi David Eliezrie of Chabad - Yorba Linda, North Orange County Conservative Coalition, ACT! for America, and Pamela Geller, among others.  This video includes footage from the Orange County Register, ABC 7, and Santa ana TV news as well as video filmed by Muslims attending the event.  Use of video permitted only in its entirety, and for educational & non-commercial purposes only.”  the footage then starts.  adults and children walk into the building while a large crowd of protesters boos them, waves US flags and chants “U-S-A, U-S-A” and “go back home, go back home”.  a quote appears onscreen: “This is not about hate.  We are not hate mongers.”  the quote is attributed to “Karen Lugo, Protester” and the Orange County Register is cited as the source.  the video then cuts to a blonde white woman speaking into a microphone in front of a bunch of US flags — text onscreen reads “Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly (Republican) speaks at protest rally”.  she says “Let me tell you, what’s going on over there right now?  Make no bones about it, that is pure, unadulterated evil.”  this gets applause from the crowd.  she continues: “I don’t even care, I don’t even care if you think I’m crazy anymore, because I have…” she pauses as the crowd applauds again, then continues: “…I have a beautiful daughter, I have a wonderful 19-year-old son who’s a United States Marine…” more applause, then she continues: “As a matter of fact, I know quite a few Marines who will be very happy to help these terrorists to an early meeting in paradise.”  this gets more applause.  video then fades to a group of adults and children walking towards the building’s entrance later in the day (it’s now dark outside).  the protesters jeer and yell at them as they walk.  a quote appears onscreen: “It’s not right for terrorism to come to Yorba Linda.  I always stress the need to be peaceful and positive.”  the quote is attributed to “Steven Amundson, Protest Organizer” and the Orange County Register is credited as the source.  video fades to later in the same piece of footage; one of the protesters is shouting “Muhammad was a pervert, Muhammad was a fraud, Muhammad was a false prophet” into a megaphone.  video then cuts to more footage — text onscreen reads “Video filmed by Muslim event attendee”: more people are walking outside the building as two protesters yell at them “We don’t want you here”, “Go home”, and “We’re taking a picture of you, you’re a [bleep] [can’t make it out] stupid camera out of your hand”, “You’re a stupid terrorist”, “Go home, go home, go home [can’t make it out] Sharia.”  a quote appears onscreen: “I’m being told to go back home.  I’m actually from Fullerton, [CA] so I don’t know where back home is for me.”  quote is attributed to “Adel Syed, Muslim event attendee” and ABC 7 News is credited as the source.  meanwhile, audio of shouting protesters continues in the background: “You beat up your wife, too?  Are you a molester?  You are, aren’t you, ‘cause you just sit there and you’re a coward.”  “You beat your women and [can’t make it out].”  “Why don’t you go beat up your wife, like you do every night?”  “She probably needs a good beating.”  “Why don’t you go have sex with a 9-year-old and marry her?”  video cuts to a white man with short dark hair speaking into a microphone in front of some US flags.  text reads “Congressman Ed Royce (Republican) speaks at protest rally”.  he says “I’m gonna say this, too: a big part of the problem that we face today is that our children have been taught in schools that every idea is right; that no one should criticize others’ positions, no matter how odious, that’s… and what, what do we call that?  They call it multiculturalism, and it has paralyzed too many of our fellow citizens to make the critical judgment we need to make to prosper as a society.”  applause and cheering from crowd, then video fades to a shot of some of the protesters standing behind some yellow police tape.  two attendees walk through the crowd — one ducks under the tape and then holds it up for the other person to duck under.  one of the protesters shouts at the two people: “We’re patriotic Americans and we love our constitution and it’s gonna stay that way.  One nation under God, not Allah.”  there’s a quick cut to some time later in the same piece of footage.  the same protester shouts “Get outta here!  Never forget 9/11!”  video cuts to another location with some more protesters standing behind more yellow police tape.  one protester shouts “Go home!  We don’t want your Sharia Law here!”  a quote appears onscreen: “You’re messing with Americans now.  We’re not England.  We’re not British.  We’re Americans.”  the quote is attributed to “Protester” and ABC 7 News is credited as the source.  meanwhile, in the background, another protester shouts “Go home!  No Sharia Law!  US Constitution!”  another protester shouts “Take your Sharia and go home!  [can’t make it out; maybe “it’s sick”]  Take your Sharia and go home!  [can’t make it out]!  Your hands are bloody, your money is bloody, get out!”  video cuts to another shot, apparently from even later that night (even darker outside) — more footage of attendees walking through the crowd of protesters and being yelled at.  protesters scream “Go home!  Go home!”  one of the attendees shouts back, and one of the protesters answers with what sounds like an insult but i can’t make it out — the “Go home!” shouting continues.  other protesters shout “Traitors!”, “Get outta here!”, and “Terrorist!”  footage cuts to later, a similar scene with more attendees walking through the shouting mob of protesters.  protesters are still shouting “Go home!” and booing.  video cuts to footage of a white man with short light hair speaking in front of US flags into a microphone.  text onscreen reads “Congressman Gary Miller (Republican) speaks at protest rally”.  he says “That’s the whole reason I’m here today, is to give you a flag and to say ‘I am proud of you, I am proud of what you’re doing, I am proud of this country what we believe in, and let’s not let people who disagree with us destroy it.’  God bless you.”  video ends with the logo for CAIR California.]

EDITed again to make the warnings better.  and to put another warning in front of the transcript.

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“White people like the white saviour narrative, because they can identify with the white protagonist, who is absolved from white guilt and becomes a white hero for people of colour to worship. When the white protagonist joins the group of people of colour, white people imagine that it is possible for a white person to purge his whiteness, and hence, to free himself from white guilt and responsibility. Paradoxically, not only does the white protagonist rid himself of white guilt, but he also becomes the hero, the saviour, the superior group member because he is white.”

White Anti-Racists who hope to be White Saviours believe in White Supremacy. « Restructure! (via kivitasku)

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{ LINK: ok so this is old but it's universally fucking ridiculous: "White people:Have YOU recieved racism from blacks" (thread's a cesspool so *just about every trigger warning there is*) }


EDIT: just to repeat the obvious point that LOTS of people have already made: there’s NO SUCH FUCKING THING AS REVERSE-RACISM.  WHITEYS AREN’T OPPRESSED.  WE ARE NOT.

“• U.S. Census Bureau projections that whites will become a minority by 2050 are fueling fears that whiteness no longer represents the norm. This fear has been compounded by the recent recession, which hit whites hard.”

Are whites racially oppressed? -



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(fuck you cnn)

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“when a group of white people come together it’s called a protest; when a group of black people get together it’s called a riot.”

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your brother is deep.

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{ LINK: *WARNING* for racist anti-Mexican stereotypes }





I’m Elyse Jane, I held a Mexican themed party recently

Dress from Princess Polly- $55

Lace up shoes from Target- $32

Sombrero from Party Hut- $15

Fake facial hair from Junk Shop- $2.

Coolest outfit i’ve ever worn.

Submitted by spooninglove


1) wearing a fake mustache and an ugly paper mache hat does not make your birthday party “mexican.” it makes your birthday party racist.

2) using the n-word to describe yourself in your tumblr info (“what don’t break a n——, make a n——”) does not make you hard. it makes you a really ignorant white person using a word so fucking historically charged you can’t comprehend why it isn’t your word to say. cut that shit out.

3) i have been putting up with fuckyeahchubbyfashion’s implicit/explicit sizism for awhile… because i keep forgetting to unfollow, and keep seeing posts i like. but after this shit i’m unfollowing. my body identity - my fat identity - is intrinsically linked with my racial identity. my body shame has been intrinsically linked to my racial identity largely thanks to my constant experiences growing up where white folks trivialized, fetishized, and appropriated the ethno-cultural practices of the brown side of my family… and drew one big line of shame between my brown skin, my fat, and my working class status. i’m unfollowing, and i encourage you to do the same.

Mother of Hell. I wish I was following so I could unfollow.


I. Can’t.

*WARNING* for racist anti-Mexican stereotypes and racist apologism

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