Only white people would say something like this: “color doesn’t matter.” Um, yes color does matter. For you white people, color doesn’t matter becuase it doesn’t affect you in a world that highly favours white people over non-white people. We live in a world that lives through a white perspective (TV, cinema, literature, music, mainstream media, etc..) Racism is very much alive to this day, and we, the people of color, have every right to assert our identities, ethnicites and nationalities in a white dominated world. If color didn’t matter and if we all got along beautifully, then why was this image even made in the first place?”

DeafMuslimPunk on that same fucking pic of Angelina Jolie (*trigger warning* for minstrelsy)

i don’t wanna reblog all the commentary on that pic because there was an ableist use of the term “colorblind” in there.  but so much of this is must-read stuff.

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Click for the most ignorant picture ever.

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I hate hate hate when white people (and its always white people) say they don’t “see color” or “color doesn’t matter.” It sends me into a rage. Of course you don’t see how color impacts your life. You’re not a person of color. Has anyone read the Kimmel quote that says something about a white woman asking a black woman, “Why can’t we be sisters? We both have to deal with the oppression of being a woman!” and the black woman replies with, “yes, but when you look in the mirror what do you see?” The white woman replies with, “I see a woman” and the black woman says, that is exactly why you and I can’t be sisters. You see a woman when you look in the mirror. I see a black woman when I look in the mirror. We don’t live the same life.” or something along those lines. I can’t deal with this beautiful, successful, thin, white woman telling me that color doesn’t matter. I get it Angie, you adopted some poor brown babies and went to see the poor brown people on the other side of the world and took some pictures with them that ended up in tabloids. I get that you think you’re a racial expert, but you need to back the fuck up and stop talking about something that you will absolutely never, ever understand, and absolutely never ever again tell me that my color doesn’t matter. It matters in ways that you will never fathom.

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{ While protesters are dying in Libya, Southern European countries won’t denounce Gaddafi for fear that he will no longer help diminish the flow of immigrants crossing the Mediterranean. }


Such is the racism of some European countries. Willingness to tolerate genocide and torture of POC in return for none of them crossing our borders.

Only the Scandinavian and Baltic countries have called for sanctions against Gaddafi, the rest of Europe muddles about and won’t take a stand.

Makes me sick.

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“So shall it be in the state Senate Appropriations Committee tomorrow, Tuesday, February 22, when a slew of anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican, anti-student, anti-education, anti-brown, anti-poor, anti-humanity bills will be heard. The cataclysm begins at 2 p.m.”

Russell Pearce’s “Hate Humanity Tuesday” Targets AHCCCS, ABOR, and the Undocumented (Natch) - Phoenix News - Feathered Bastard

of the proposed legislation:

1. the required “counting” of students in public schools—those who documented and those who are not.

2. those who can not produced notorized papers explaining why they don’t have legal documents will be reported to authorities.

3. illegal for Arizona board of regents to accept undocumented students at any state or community college regardless of their ability to pay their own way.

4. the dismantling of state medicated, 

5. the reintroduction of required hospital reporting of undocumented patients

6. illegal for undocumented workers to operate vehicles. will result in prison time (which will inevitably lead to deportation).

7. dismantling birthright citizenship

8. “aggravated taking” of identity (whether the person is real, dead, or even fictitious) will result in 180 days in county jail even if judge sentences “taker” to probation.—this especially targets undocumented workers who often use dead person’s social security number to get work. notice—the only thing that happens when a person uses dead person’s SS is person pays money to government that person will *never get back*. the person who had original SS number is DEAD. and thus can not have benefits collected. (and on a side note: it’s really fucking interesting to me to note that we have a person in the public sphere who is *also* also an “aggravated taker”—his name is Don Draper.) 

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{ LINK: Radical Hott Off Notes: feeling really sad... }


and shocked—like slapped in the face over the death sentence verdict in the brisenia flores trail. I can’t feel even momentary joy that I then talk myself through. i never expected this death sentence. i’m from michigan. where as fucked up as things are…we don’t have the death penalty.

i just feel sad. like…this death sentence does not dismantle the white supremacist organization. it doesn’t get the organization called a white supremacist org by mainstream media. It doesn’t dismantle the white supremacist heteronationalist fevor started by George Bush (but really our “founding fathers”) and increased by Obama—

it doesn’t even help people to see that Brisenia was a United States fucking citizen rather than an “illegal” and the great crime in the eyes of the law was that her murderers killed citizens and not illegals.

it doesn’t dismantle a mainstream press that sees Brisenia as an illegal or an anchor baby rather than a child who, like the 9 year old girl killed after her, went to school and laughed and had friends and played games and liked to explore the sand and bugs and plants of her homeland. 

nothing’s changed. just now—an individual murderer that was encouraged to do what she did and feel what she did by a system that too often would do the exact same thing she did and call it an “accident”—is now going to be murdered as well. so that maybe none of us look too closely at that system.

this whole thing is just really sad. 

and it’s not justice.

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“I guess the really important question is what does Brisenia’s mother want out of this? She was also an intended victim, but she played dead and survived the break-in/shooting where her child and partner were killed. Does anyone know what it is that she wants, like what could happen that would in any way constitute justice for her? Nothing’s going to bring them back, so nothing’s going to be enough; but I guess it should come down to what will be in some way helpful for her. And like I said, the Minutemen still exist; the government that upholds the things the Minutemen do still exists exactly the same; all the racist xenophobic policies of the state and country she lives in still exist. Nothing has changed that will make this never happen again; in fact, the murders happened in 2009, so before SB 1070 passed, so arguably things have gotten worse and less healing where she lives.”

readin & fightin: Brisenia Flores’s killer sentenced to death


{ imma start just calling all white people honkies & see how quick those of you honkies claiming that when you use the “n” word it is chipping away at the power of the word (because of course the historical context of it is completely meaningless to you) and that your friends understand and aren’t bothered by you using it freak out that i’m a reverse racist who is offending you with my racist language. }



and i have white friends that tell me this is totes okay, so it’s all good.

i’m gonna need you to stop oppressing white people.

okay? okay.

i almost managed to type that with a straight face.

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This is white privilege.  Period.

I’m going to fucking throw up.

in the clip, a white kid uses a variety of tools, including a metal saw and even an electric saw with goggles to try to cut through the chain on a bike. most people walk by without caring, only one woman tries to follow up with the police. in the second part of the clip, an african-american kid about the same age does the same thing in the same park with the same bike, and is accosted by angry crowds, people taking out their cell phones to call 911, even a guy who starts taking his tools away while yelling.

the contrast is striking. and sickening.



as unfortunate as this video is, its not like this is some new shit. racism is still at an all time high. and people choose to ignore it.

Fuck this. Fuck privilege.

Yes, the difference is shocking. Yes, people should be colorblind. But at the same time, there is a legitimate basis for the more aggressive response to the black kid as compared to the white. When looking at racial crime statistics, there’s a clear difference - whites are responsible for 41.7% of robberies, and blacks are responsible for 56.7%.

Whites take the lead by a huge margin when it comes to rape, aggravated assault, property crime, white-collar crime, and racially motivated hate crime, but it’s undeniable that blacks are - statistically - significantly more likely to commit theft.

Hear that? ^^^ Assume ALL BLACK PEOPLE are stealing.  Since black people do more theft, it’s safe to assume that at any time a black person is stealing, so call the cops on any and all black people!

You want to hear some awesome statistics?

100% of people who are criminals are breaking the law! (but actually probably not, the previous sentence is only a statistical truth) therefore, we should stop all people breaking the law!


Yes! People should be colorblind! Long has the color purple unjustly oppressed us with its presence in the spectrum of colors the majority of people can see.  We must all refuse to see it and just see blue!

Ooooh wait that’s not what was meant. Fuck you, stop appropriating my disability.

Oh yeah and while you’re at it stop assuming because something is statistically more common that it is always true. I mean really, worst misuse of statistics ever?

yeah what the fuck dananigans — racism and ableism in the same post, you should really win some sort of prize for that (i suggest a free tall frosty glass of fuck you)

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“This video is one of the clearest and most appalling demonstrations of white privilege that I have ever seen. And this is probably the shortest post I have ever written on any topic, because I can’t think what else to say.”

This is what white privilege looks like — Feministe

funny—i wouldn’t call the situations in these videos evidence of white privilege—I’d call it evidence of racism. i guess it’s white privilige in the sense that white folks can get away with shit that others can’t—but I have to wonder how many people of color center “privilege” in the scenarios rather than the violence of the confrontation and being surrounded by a group of angry whites… or—racism at the best, white supremacy at the worst…

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I still want to know what after care services they provide for the “minority group” actors (I’m guessing none). This is one that made me really legit scared for the kid’s physical safety. In the other episodes I’ve seen, the aggressor is ALSO an actor. In this he’s just at the mercy of a mob of angry white ppl. But I guess it’s ok to subject a CHILD to racist threats and abuse if it lets white ppl explore their “privilege.”

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that’s what I’m saying. i’ve seen a couple of response so far to this discussion saying there wasn’t *actual* violence (i.e. physical)—but…I’m like—when you have a centuries long history in your blood of being surrounded by screaming angry white people as a *precursor* to lynching/murder/etc—how on *earth* can you say that what was on those videos was not violence? is a man getting up in a woman’s face with a balled fist screaming at her not violence? even if that has never happened to a particular woman, she *knows what that means* in US culture. People of color in general and black people specifically *know what it means* when surrounded by a group of angry screaming white people who think you did something “against the rules.” 

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{ LINK: Several Articles Have Covered the Stuyvesant Story }


SO many of them are using this quote from a current student: “The video makes us look bad. Racism is not a problem at this high school.”

Everyone is so worried about Stuyvesant “looking bad”. Face it! The school is fucked up on the inside. And pulling a quote from some freshman who I’m pretty sure is white, is quite invalid. For one, she’s a freshman, she hasn’t finished a year. And not one white student can accurately tell you the magnitude of the racism at Stuyvesant. They will never be on the receiving end. They do not have to be reminded EVERY DAY that they are a second-class citizen, that they are black. Fucking hell that is just annoying.

And I can tell you without even having to ask, what those boys are doing right now:

  • complaining and calling Alexis a b**ch
  • faking sorry in front of their parents and administrators
  • saying that they were only “joking”
  • complaining that we’re taking it “too seriously”

Basically EVERYTHING but try to understand why this is so important.

Fuck everyone who comments on an article or a video saying it’s “freedom of speech” or “not that big of a deal” or that it was just “stupid kids doing stupid things”. Because what they will NEVER know is what it was like to have to deal with thousands of other kids with that mindset EVERY DAY for four years. Fuck everyone who goes into Alexis inbox asking her why she’s so set on it, or why she can’t let it go. CLEARLY, if we are still this upset, if it’s affected us this much, IT’S A HUGE FUCKING VALID ISSUE. Now stop fighting it, and open your eyes and ears for once. Fuck everyone who cares more about “Stuyvesant’s name” than the actual fucking truth. Just fuck this shit.

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