EDIT: *WARNING* for mention of cissexist violence (this applies to all the links and everything below the fold)


“Injustice At Every Turn”: Report on Discrimination Against Trans & Genderqueer People Pretty Much As Bad As It Sounds || Autostraddle

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has just released a comprehensive new report on the depth of discrimination against trans and genderqueer people. The fact that it’s titled “Injustice At Every Turn” is, unfortunately, an accurate summary of its contents. (The executive summary and full report are available online.) This is the first national large-scale study ever of discrimination against trans and gender nonconforming Americans, and while we knew the situation was dire, it turns out that “extremely” or “impossibly” dire might be closer to the truth. Some key findings:

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{ News at 11: reporting on trans issues still of patchy quality; water still wet. }

EDIT: *WARNING* for mention of cissexist violence

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“The average life span of a transgendered person is twenty-three years. The statistic is shocking, until it begins to make sense. Gender non-conformists face routine exclusion and violence. Transgendered people are disproportionately poor, homeless, and incarcerated. Many of the systems and facilities intended to help low-income people are sex-segregated and thereby alienate those who don’t comply with state-imposed categories. A trans woman may not be able to secure a bed in a homeless shelter, for example. Spade writes that just as the feminist movement tended to “focus on gender-universalized white women’s experience as ‘women’s experience,’” the lesbian- and gay-rights movement has focused primarily on a white, middle-class politic, centered on marriage and mainstream social mores.”

Guernica / Trans-Formative Change


The “statistic” is NOT based on fact, only on a more or less assumed ‘observation’ in a non-scientific context.

Please stop reblogging this with this misinformation - you need to know that this statistic is completely false.

Please see this post for more information.

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I’m fairly sure I’ve been guilty of propagating the bad stat. Whoops. My bad.

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{ Trans Murder Monitoring project update reveals more than 500 reported murders of trans people in the last 3 years }


The Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM) project has published its latest update regarding the numbers of recorded murders of trans people worldwide - and it makes depressing reading.

From the Trans Murder Monitoring project website:

In total, the preliminary results show 539 reports of murdered trans people in 42 countries since January 2008.

Although cases have been reported from all six major World Regions (Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Europe, North America, and Oceania), by far the largest number - 424 cases - are from Central and South America. This makes up 80% of the globally reported homicides of trans people since January 2008.

Globally, the number of trans people murdered continues to rise, as it has year-on-year since the TMM project began its work.

[Click here for larger image]

For further information, see the Trans Murder Monitoring project website.


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[image above: map of the world showing the locations of the 539 reported cases of murdered trans persons from January 1st 2008 to December 31st 2010.  countries are color-coded: white = no data; yellow = 1 murder reported; beige = 2 to 4 murders reported; light red = 5 to 14 murders reported; red = 15 to 50 murders reported; black = more than 50 murders reported.  locations and numbers of reported murders (listed in order they appear on the website linked): Argentina: 8, Brazil: 227, Chile: 2, Colombia: 26, Costa Rica: 3, Cuba: 1, the Dominican Republic: 7, Ecuador: 10, El Salvador: 6, Guatemala: 28, Honduras: 27, Jamaica: 1, Mexico: 27, Nicaragua: 2, Paraguay: 3, Peru: 7, Puerto Rico: 7, Uruguay: 1, Venezuela: 31, USA: 38, Albania: 1, Germany: 2, Italy: 13, Portugal: 1, Spain: 3, Serbia: 1, Turkey: 13, UK: 3, Azerbaijan: 2, China: 6, India: 6, Indonesia: 3, Iraq: 3, Malaysia: 5, Pakistan: 6, Philippines: 1, Singapore: 1, Thailand: 2, Australia: 1, New Caledonia: 1, New Zealand: 1, South Africa: 1, Algeria: 1]

“More than one-fourth of persons with severe mental illness are victims of violent crime in the course of a year, a rate 11 times higher than that of the general population, according to a study by researchers at Northwestern University.”

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This is always relevant, but reblogging extra hard right now as I’m continuing to see descriptions of the gunman as a nutcase, Palin as a psycho, etc, going around my dash.

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thank you. <3

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{ infographic showing reports of cissexist and heterosexist harassment and abuse in schools }

image link; description is below the fold





This is fucking important

Trigger warning - sorry I can’t put it at the top

Important graphic.

One thing: are we saying “transgendered” now?!

 I made a post about this last night, trans-gender-ed is not a word, it is not plural for transgender. Like plural for deer is deer, plural for moose is… oh you guessed it moose.

reblogging for original graphic and also commentary.

data is apparently from 2009, but this is still really fucking relevant and especially cis people really ought to read it.

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“REBLOG: to raise awareness about the suicide rates of Native youth, which is 10 times the national average. That means for every 1 teen outside of Indian Country that takes their own life, 10 native teens take their lives.”

the start of change happens with raising awareness.

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(Proportional to the population.) Suicide is a very serious problem. In my family there have been two suicides, one attempted, and several “accidents”. It is something that really needs to be addressed.

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{ On tokenization and being less than impressed with my dashboard today }


Dear cisgender people,

CAFAB trans* people are not your fucking trump card to play against people who accuse you of misogyny. Keep this in mind. You don’t get to selectively advocate for CAFAB trans* people’s visibility. Either you understand that not everyone was who was assigned a female gender at birth is, in fact, female—or you don’t.

So when you pull out “not everyone who gets their period is a woman!” you had better understand that this means that reproductive rights are not “women’s rights,” that not all rape victims are women, that women’s shelters are erasing CAFAB trans* folk who pass as female and possibly excluding those who don’t…even though our chances of being raped are significantly higher than those of cis women* and there is no good data (to my knowledge) about domestic violence against trans* people. Those last few mistakes actually kill people, so they are what you should go about fixing before you move a goddamn step towards using our existence as corroborating evidence for a point you were always going to make.


Just…what the everloving fuck.

*according to the best data I have (which doesn’t address nonbinaries at all and is quite possibly faulty because we don’t even get adequate research into this stuff) 55% of trans men have been raped.** I figure that nonbinaries are either misgendered as trans men, or they’re misgendered as women (and thus included in the statistic that ~1/5 of all women have been raped). Of course, a lot of the sexual violence against trans* people is accounted for by hate crimes, so I don’t even know how much stems from intimate partner violence except anecdotally. But neither do you, so my point is really that you’re quite possibly endangering people who could really do without it.

**For reference: the same data estimates that 22% of “women” (it doesn’t say if they’re taking trans women or CAFAB nonbinaries into account) have been raped, along with 68% of trans women.

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[image: photo of Myla Haider — a woman with short straight blonde hair, pale skin, and an angular face.  she is crying into a tissue.]


Trigger Warning: Rape


A week ago, 15 women and 2 men (all of them veterans or active duty servicemembers) brought a federal lawsuit against the Pentagon based on rampant sexual assault within the military.  The plaintiffs claim that Gates and his predecessor Rumsfeld “ran institutions in which perpetrators were promoted and where military personnel openly mocked and flouted the modest Congressionally mandated institutional reforms.”

more info and data from the Servicewomen’s Action Network below fold

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{ college rape statistics in the US }

reblogging [for commentary] the version of this in which a horrible asshole (jakegrifball) is a rape apologist and wtfox- does a fantastic breakdown of how he is full of shit.

*WARNING* — rape apologism, discussion of rape and rape culture




“Eight percent of college men have either attempted or successfully raped. Thirty percent say they would rape if they could get away with it. When the wording was changed to “force a woman to have sex,” the number jumped to 58%. Worse still, 83.5% argue that “some women look like they are just asking to be raped.”

Margo Paine, Ph.D Body Wars

this is really sad.

And here I am, in the 16.5% who says “No, we have never thought of rape, forcing a woman to have sex, or believing that some women were asking for it”

And here I am, arguing that feminism needs to shift away from the rape culture and be focused on the EVERYTHING culture. Fight back, man. And I mean no offense to this, but if you keep allowing yourselves to be victimized or made the victim, we’ll never get past this whole issue of equality. I believe myself to be equal to every girl I know, I don’t believe I’m better than women just cause I’m a guy. Of course many men still do, but it comes with the generations. Eventually those generations will slowly die off.

Oh boy. Okay. It’s nice that you’re one of the 16.5% of men who have absolutely no interest in raping women, even if they could get away with it. We could use more guys like that.

But what we don’t need is advice like “Why don’t you just fight back? If you just keep letting people victimize you, you’re gonna be a victim forever! So change or something!” Why? I will try to break it down, and I hope you, as a member of that vanishingly small 16.6% take it to heart:

  • If you are talking about fighting back in the context of an attempted rape in progress, you do know the woman could die, right? That all advice given to women revolves around finding ways to stay alive? We’re fortunately past the era in which a woman dying before allowing a man to rape her was seen as the height of feminine virtue. Don’t expect any of us to be the next Lucretia (look her up). We have every right to live.
  • If your’e talking about fighting back in the general ideological sense. We’re trying to. My post here is one very small example. But the thing is, stuff like “just stop being victims!” makes it so damn hard to keep fighting.
  • No woman I know is all “Man, I wish I could be victimized! Won’t someone victimize me already?” NO ONE wants to be a victim, and no one “lets” herself be victimized.
  • The “typical” rape victim is a woman who is raped by someone she knows and/or trusts: a male family member, a neighbor, the guy down the hall in her building, her boyfriend, her best guy friend. The “typical” rape victim is in a situation where she feels she has no reason she has to protect herself.
  • She will also find that escaping from her rapist is almost impossible. Chances are a woman who is raped on her university campus will have to continue in the presence of her rapist, university disciplinary committees being what they are. A woman raped by her boyfriend can dump him, but what if he tries to stalk her? A girl raped by a male family member has to continue to live with him, and be violated by him, until she can escape.
  • Rape victims face an uphill battle trying to obtain justice. She will have to suffer more than the initial rape: she will have her story questioned by police, the investigation dropped for any number of reasons that have no actual basis in evidence (it was her husband, it was her boyfriend, she was drunk, she was walking down a street she had every legal right to be on) but are based purely in society’s prejudices regarding women’s sexuality and how society feels women’s bodies should be policed.
  • They may also face uphill battles with family and friends, who may not want to believe them when they try to tell their stories. They’ll face disbelief, judgment, ostracism.
  • And of course there is physical trauma, PTSD, depression, possible pregnancy, STDs.
  • And, lest I forget: being raped is not like having some jerk take your cell phone and wallet, or break into your house. IT IS SOMEONE WHO FEELS THAT HE HAS A RIGHT TO YOUR BODY, TO ABUSE YOU AND VIOLATE YOU, AND TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BODY FROM YOU, AND HE HAS DONE OR HAS TRIED TO DO JUST THAT. Do not judge women who have been in that position.

So please tell me… how is it we’re supposed to magically stop being victims? It’s not a matter of clicking our heels and wishing ourselves into a victim-free existence. It takes work—very difficult work—and it also relies on men understanding why it is not so goddamned easy, and why the role they play in upholding a culture that implicitly sanctions rape even as it protests feebly against it is so damaging to women, even if the men we’re talking to have not themselves raped.

jakegrifball is awful, wtfox- is AWESOME.

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