{ I need your help }


I don’t want money or sympathy or advice.

I want the combined reading history of all 3000-some of you.

I am planning on writing my Master’s thesis on the topic of “female sexual dysfunction”. Which i’m putting in inverted commas because it’s a contested and deeply problematic term.
What i want to look at are literary presentation of FSD. And i’m specifically talking about FSD as in dyspareunia, vulvodynia, vestibulitis, vaginismus, anorgasmia etc. NOT hysteria, nymphomania, or other “madwoman in the attic” type pathologies or pseudo-pathologies.

I’ve got plentyof lived-experience testimony, autobiography, sexological studies and the likeBut what i’m lacking are literary presentations.

I know for a fact that the combined libraries of my followers is far vaster than my own. So—can you folks think of any literary (i.e. fiction, poetry, drama, maybe film) instances of the above?

All i have so far is The Bell Jar. And On Chesil Beach, which i’m loath to even pick up, let alone read of study.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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“…that what is currently recognized as queer studies is, for instance, unacceptably Euro-American in orientation, its purview effectively determined by the practically invisible—because putatively nonexistent—bounds of racial whiteness. It encompasses as well (to continue for the moment with the topic of whiteness) the abiding failure of most supposed queer critique to subject whiteness itself to sustained interrogation and thus to delineate its import in sexual terms, whether conceived in normative or nonnormative modes. In other words, to speak personally, it bothers me less that white practitioners of queer critique tend not to address the significance of racial nonwhiteness in the phenomena of sex and sexuality they explore (though one often wishes they would, and, indeed, some do) than that they tend not to address the effect of racial whiteness on the very manifestations of those phenomena and on their understanding of them; for the upshot of this failure—somewhat paradoxically, given the interest of queer criticism in definitional fluidity—is an implicit acquiescence to received notions of what constitutes sex and sexuality, however nonnormative, as though the current hegemony in this regard were not thoroughly imbricated with the ongoing maintenance of white supremacist culture.”

Phillip Brian Harper—The Evidence of Felt Intuition: Minority Experience, Everyday Life, and Critical Speculative Knowledge

This black critique on the cultivation of “queer knowledges” is really interesting.  Maybe I’ve been reading too much Foucault but it’s interesting to see how sexuality has been constructed through forms of (white) domination and power (the discourse of medicine, law, institutions of power).  This searing critique starts to make links between race and sexuality as mutually informing, but also unique in their positionalities.

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i’ve been struggling with this lately in my reading up on trans* issues, non-binarism, gender queerness and fluidity etc. it just seems like gender itself (as well as the means to escape/challenge binarism) is imagined and conceived of in very white terms. or at least, i don’t see any acknowledgment/engagement with the notion that gender can be and is constructed and lived in different ways, specifically in ways related to culture and race. for example that notions of racial authenticity and loyalty (and religion!) are tied up to gender within communities of color in ways that they’re not for white folks, and that there’s a risk of cultural alienation for not adhering to hetero/ciscentric gender norms that’s simply not there for white folks. a white post-op trans woman is not going to get accused of not being “really” white or of setting back/wanting to damage the race. or of being whitewashed, or an oreo, etc. and stuff like how uneven access to health care or greater economic instability affects how trans* and genderqueer identities are lived. if anyone knows of any resources that talks about this stuff, i’d appreciate a link.

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{ LINK: Lesbian Sex With Men }

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{ I will never understand why being a virgin is an insult. }



I see it as a turn on. Not a turn on in a “challenge accepted” kind of way. A turn on as in a “I have respect for myself” kind of way.

Okay. This is bullshit. You don’t have to be a virgin to have respect for yourself. Fuck this. When people say that being a virgin is an insult they’re playing into that whole “prude or a whore” dichotomy and YOU’RE only perpetuating that by saying that people who aren’t virgins have no respect for themselves. I respect myself thank you. I lost my virginity to my rapist. So fuck you very much.

you are so awesome itsabittersweetlifebutimaokay.

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{ Here’s why I hate ____phobia being used for oppressive forces: }


This article:

Specifically, the header explains it pretty well:

  • to describe a specific phobia related to sex, or
  • as a term in psychological studies describing one’s degree of (general) aversion to sex, or
  • as a political term, used for example by feminists and in literary analysis.

It’s the first and the last really that I’m concerned about.  See… nearly all the feminists I’ve seen discussing sex-negativity and how we need to, you know, be more positive about sex… COMPLETELY CONFLATE THESE THINGS. (And let’s be clear: I am sure there are people who don’t.  I’ve just encountered them slightly less)

Hell, it’s not like internalize shame from a culture of sex-negativity could pretty easily fuck you up and make pushing your boundaries a completely horrifying experience. And of course, there are actual phobias.  I literally start panicking if I get anywhere near someone else’s vagina (no experience with penises yet) or get completely naked.

And yes, I have gone through bouts of self loathing because of internalized ableism and shit like this.  Don’t fucking conflate being comfortable with sex with being sex positive.  I am all for people doing whatever they are comfortable with.  And if that’s “hardly anything” THAT IS GOOD TOO.

(And let’s be clear here: I’m not asexual, I really would like to have lots of sex and enjoy it. I just have a really hard time being remotely comfortable with it. …also I’m trans so that adds another layer to it. And, it turns out, ludicrously ticklish to the point I can hardly stand being touched.)


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{ LINK: My name escapes their minds: Violence Towards Women }


Whenever I hear sex negative feminists proclaim that “porn is violence towards women” or “high heels are violence towards women” I can’t help but feel incredibly hurt.

First of all, I have experienced actual violence towards women. I’ve been a victim of sexual assault…

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pregnancy SHOULD be a choice

Consenting to sex is not consenting to pregnancy.

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{ Despite popular discourse to the contrary, people who sleep with whomever they want and whenever they want are capable of and generally do respect themselves. }

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this ain’t livin’: Glee: Sexy

The show spent a lot of time making fun of people who choose celibacy, implying that they are ignorant and naive. Actually, it did more than implying by having Emma select ‘Afternoon Delight’ as the celibacy club’s anthem. Look at all the clueless frigid celibate people who are too stupid to know what that song is about! Naturally, no one chooses celibacy for informed reasons, no one who is celibate is educated about sexuality, and celibacy is rooted in ignorance and fear.

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{ [i’m sure someone’s brought this up before:] phrases like “i like doing [this sex act] with [this gender] because…” are so full of essentialism. }

usually cissexist essentialism (“women = vaginas and men = penises”), but that’s not the only kind i’ve seen.

EDIT: i could well be talking out my ass, there could well be examples of that kind of thing NOT being essentialist, but i can’t think of anything.