{ email from Planned Parenthood of New England: A Call to Action - Parental Notification House Vote this Wednesday }

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NH House of Representatives “Who’s My Legislator?” thing

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Planned Parenthood of Northern New England counsels teens to talk to their parents about an unplanned pregnancy.  And fortunately, most do. 

Approximately 75% of all minor pursuing abortion care do tell their parents; of the remaining 25% half involve another trusted adult in their decision.

But those who can’t often have good reasons—and in those cases, our first priority should be their health and safety.

House Bill 329FN is bad public policy that will block or delay access to care.     

Parental notification laws do not increase good communication between parents and teens.

Parental notification laws do not create a safe and caring home life.

Parental notification laws do endanger the health and safety of teens. 

WE NEED YOUR HELP, before this Wednesday, March 16th!

House Bill 329FN will mandate the notification of a parent of a young woman under the age of eighteen at least 48 hours prior to her receiving abortion care.   


The New House of Representatives will vote this Wednesday on House Bill 329FN.

We need you to call your legislators, before Wednesday, March 16th, and tell them to vote against Parental Notification. Tell them House Bill 329FN puts young women’s health and safety at risk. Tell them that supportive home lives can not be legislated. Tell them to vote against House Bill 329FN.

Take Action.  Keep New Hampshire teens safe.  Tell your representative to vote in OPPOSITION to bad public policy that will endanger the health and safety of New Hampshire’s teens.  Vote NO on House Bill 329FN.

{ LINK: Human Rights Petition: Free Ariana NOW! | }

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On March 24th Child Protective Services (CPS) went to the home of Maryanne Godboldo and demanded that her child, 13 year old Ariana Godboldo, be released into their custody. Maryanne was accused of medical neglect for not continuing to give her child Risperdal - a drug used to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia - even after Ariana displayed harmful side effects. While her 13 year old daughter was not officially diagnosed with schizophrenia - state doctors maintained that Ariana needed the drug and without it she was a danger to herself and others. Right now Ariana is in the Hawthorn Center, a Michigan state run mental health facility - away from her family and friends. And while she has not been given the drug since she was taken into custody - she has not yet been returned to her mother or released to family members that have been willing to take her in since DAY 1. How can the State of Michigan and CPS demand that a mother force her child to take a harmful drug without, they themselves, being forced to show proof that she needs to be on the drug. If the last 23 days have been any indication of Ariana’s ability to function without Risperdal.. then LET HER GO HOME! Please sign this petition and URGE the STATE of Michigan to release Ariana back to her mother. Urge government officials EVERYWHERE to take a hard look at the way the Department of Human Services and CPS handle issues of removing children from their homes. Ariana’s family just wants her back at home where she is loved and well taken care of. For more information please visit our webpage at ~The Justice for Maryanne Action Committee

Other ways to Help:

Ways to help Mom under attack for refusing to allow the state to force-medicate her daughter: 

-> Check 
-> Call & email individuals on the list to let them know what’s happening to Maryanne and Ariana needs to stop. 
->Share our link with all of your friends and contacts and urge them to do the same. Contact community leaders and politicians in your area and urge them to get involved so that we can actually change CPS policies on a national scale.
-> Sign the petition and have others sign it at:
-> Raise money for Maryanne’s legal defense at:
-> Organize a demonstration of support in your local community in May.

contact info for the Detroit, Michigan Representatives to contact for the Calling Campaign:

Fred Durhal:

Shanelle Jackson:

David Nathan:

Jimmy Womack:

Lisa Howze:

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