“The Muslim Brotherhood
Now, I don’t believe that it is up to the White Man to tell Arabs and Muslims who should lead them. And it is not up to past and present colonial powers to issue certificates of legitimacy to leaders of Arabs and Muslims. Frankly my dear, as Clark Gable said in Gone with the Winds, we don’t give a damn. And, we have seen your choices of preferable Middle East leaders and—to put it politely—they are despicable: those puppets, kings and presidents in our region. But I don’t trust the Muslim Brotherhood and its variations, one bit. It is up to the Egyptian people to decide, but I won’t rust that lousy organization given its opportunistic history. It was a too of US/Saudi Arabia during the Arab cold war, and sided consistently with the Zionist camp. It is the organization that welcomed the advent of the Sadat regime. Not to mention its archaic views on women and minorities. I don’t even trust them on Palestine: they have been allies of the friends of Israel throughout the region. And they are now pretending to have found a new courage: they con’t come close to the Egyptian and Tunisian secular protesters. In Lebanon, the branch of the Muslim Brotherhood there (Al-Jama`ah Al-Islamiyyah) marched in support of the the Egyptian Uprising. This organization has been bought off in full by Hariri family and is part of an alliance that was aligned solidly with Mubarak. Who are you fooling. And the most cowardly branch of the brotherhood in Jordan, heaped praise on King `Abdullah of Jordan, simply because he agreed to shake their hands. And they there demonstrate against Mubarak, and yet it would be much more impressive if they demonstrate against their own tyrant. The Muslim Brotherhood deserves another century: maybe ten centuries ago, or even earlier.”

The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب (via guerrillamamamedicine)

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Suheir Hammad, a revision of “First Writing Since.” Def Poetry Jam S1E1. Ultra serious, talks about 9/11, Palestine, war, violence (especially against Arabs and Muslims). Remember this originally aired in 2002.

automatic reblog.  one of my favorite poems and performances of all time.  srsly. 

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“…[Natalie] Portman talks of being ‘infuriated’ by protests against the Toronto Film Festival for its string of films from Tel Aviv. She explains that the protesters…“say [Tel Aviv] was built on the misery of Palestinians. Well, the United States was built on the misery of the Native Americans and all the slaves who were brought over so are we going to boycott all American films? I don’t think the Israeli government is beyond criticism—there’s plenty to protest against, but it seems really absurd to me that artists would try to censor art.””

Natalie Portman in V Magazine in 2009 (you can read it here)

I guess she didn’t think the social and cultural boycott of apartheid South Africa was a great idea either. Or that protesting current, ongoing human rights violations is different from protesting ones that happened 200-300 years ago. And the “other countries did/do bad things too!!” has always been my favorite defense, nice touch Ms. Portman.

I have a ton more of garbage just like this sitting in a word doc on my comp from when I was writing the colour beige entry, I wonder if I should just make a Colour Beige 2: The Idiocy Outtakes post or something.

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[TRIGGER WARNING: Links and commentary may be triggering for sexual assault and institutionalized racism.]

Things that are true: Natalie Portman said something hella stupid and it’s not the first time. She made a crass comparison to try to make a flawed and fucked up point and she should be called out for it.

Things that are not true: That human rights violations committed against Native people is not a current, ongoing issue. It is not in the past. And you know what? We should be protesting about it. We should be demanding the return of sacred land and landmarks. We should be fucking infuriated that a 2010 law meant to protect Native people places a value of three years maximum jail time on their rape, which is epidemic and overwhelmingly committed at the hands of non-Native men.

I am so exhausted with this bullshit, y’all. I am so sick of purported allies perpetuating the meme that, after all that there genocide “200-300 years ago,” EVERYTHING WAS TOTALLY COOL. It erases all the shit that went down in those 200-300 years. Like Catholic boarding schools built for the expressed purpose of teaching Native children how to be “civilized people,” boarding schools full of physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse, the last of which weren’t shut down until the 1970s. It ignores the fact that as a DIRECT RESULT of these schools, huge parts of our culture has been lost forever, trained out of us, that so many of our languages are dying out and alcoholism and abuse within the community has skyrocketed. And then there’s the forced sterilization of Native women (also in the 1970s!), the undermining of tribal law and leaders, making it impossible for them to protect their own people, something that was, as mentioned, only addressed in TWO-THOUSAND AND TEN in a hugely problematic and fucked up law that inherently values a Native person’s rape as less worthy of punishment than any other citizen. And these are the US government’s attempts to fix things.

What Natalie Portman said was fucked up, but so is the commentary above and I am officially out of spoons.

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the last residential school was shut down in the 90’s. More current than you think.  If you’re in your 20’s, and had been born native - it could have been you.

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Thanks for the correction. I had heard a lot of articles citing the 1970s as when most shut down and then read one that said the last was, indeed, closed in the 90s, but apparently my brain blanked on that in my rage. Shall edit the original post.

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Hamas reshuffles Gaza government as pressure for unity builds

Hamas government being reorganised as talks with Egypt get under way. Palestinian youth groups are threatening to hold demonstrations demanding unity if Fatah and Hamas fail to reconcile their differences.



Hamas reshuffles Gaza government as pressure for unity builds

Hamas government being reorganised as talks with Egypt get under way. Palestinian youth groups are threatening to hold demonstrations demanding unity if Fatah and Hamas fail to reconcile their differences.


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[video: fade into footage of Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren speaking at a podium.  camera then swings around to a view of some members of the audience (the Irvine 11) standing up and protesting his speech — the footage then cuts breifly between several of the protesters.  voiceover is edited together from two different broadcasts.  first voice: “11 Southern California college students have been charged with conspiring to disrupt a speech by Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren.”  second voice: “an Orange County District Attorney has brought charges against 11 Muslim students, known as the Irvine 11.”  a graphic of two of the Irvine 11 standing up in protest appears onscreen, along with the text “STAND WITH THE ELEVEN”.  fade into footage cutting between several people, each reciting part of a speech, with certain parts of the speech repeated by different people for emphasis: “11 students [cut] exercised their right [cut] exercised their right [cut] and spoke truth to power [cut] truth to power.  [cut] for using the power of their voice [cut] power of their voice [cut] to address an Israeli government representative [cut] to express outrage [cut] at the crimes the Israeli [cut] government committed in Gaza [cut].  they are now facing criminal charges [cut] facing criminal charges [cut] for demonstrating [cut] demonstrating in a way [cut] American protesters do all the time [cut] with no consequences.  [text transcript appears onscreen next to footage of people as they speak]  to help the 11, you can [cut] visit [cut] for action items and information [cut], contact Orange County District Attorney [cut] Tony Rackauckas [cut] at [cut] 714-834-[cut]3600, [cut] start the discussion on Facebook [cut], Twitter, on the radio, on your campus [cut], in churches, synagogues, and mosques.  [cut] if you don’t speak up for the 11 [cut] if you don’t speak up for the 11 [cut], if you don’t speak on their behalf, [cut] who will speak for you?”  video cuts to footage of a room full of people sitting in chairs and raising their fists in the air.  they say in unison: “US supports the Irvine 11!”  the shot becomes framed inside the large, centered number “11” in the otherwise-solid white text “IRVINE11COM” (with a red dot above the second “I”) on a black background.]

i THINK they were saying “US supports the Irvine 11” at the end there — i kinda had trouble making out the first part.

if you cannot do any of these things, passing this around is still very helpful.  thank you.

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{ Happening now: Gaza is under attack! }



Few headlines from Twitter and multiple other news agencies:

  • All hospitals in Gaza have now declared a state of emergency as Gaza is under heavy shelling from the IOF
  • IOF warplanes fired a missile near Al Aqsa martyrs hospital in Deir Al Balah, and in Rafah, an ambulance has been hit. Shelling continues
  • Gaza under attack now ! #Gaza #Palestine
  • 5 medics injured as their ambulance is hit by IOF sheel in Rafah. IOF warplanes fired a missile near Al Aqsa martyrs hospital in Deir Al Balah. Several tunnels hit in Rafah. F16’s, Apaches still firing from the sky, and warships have joined in from the coast. Hospitals have declared a state of emergency.
  • Fresh explosions reported across the #Gaza strip. Residents reporting “major IDF” operation underway.
  • Israel have just announced that “Operation Scorching Summer” will resume tonight. The UN have evacuated all their staff, and 1.5 million people are preparing for another massacre.

Oh god. No no no no.

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Israeli Gaza assaults kill 1, injure 10


Israeli military has reportedly launched attacks on different parts of the Gaza Strip, killing one Palestinian and inflicting injuries on 10 others.

One of the Thursday attacks targeted the Gaza City in the north of the coastal sliver, causing the fatality and injuring eight others, including a small child, AFP reported.

The Israeli military also injured two more people in a follow-up assault on the Jabaliya refugee camp, situated in the north as well.

Israeli warplanes also pounded the city of Deir al-Balah in central Gaza without leaving any casualties.

The Israeli military claimed that the first attack followed an alleged mortar shell that was launched ‘from the direction of Gaza.’

The Tel Aviv regime has been recurrently bombarding Gaza ever since its 22-day war on the impoverished enclave in December 2008 and January 2009, which killed more than 1,400 Palestinians and inflicted a damage of $1.6 billion on the region’s already-stagnant economy.

The offensives are often launched under the usual pretext of responding to the purported firing of projectiles.

The Israeli hostility rages on while Tel Aviv refuses to lift an all-out blockade it imposed on Gaza in mid-June 2007 with the cooperation of the recently ousted regime of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak.

The siege has deprived the Gaza population of food, fuel and medicine, triggering stunted growth and malnutrition among most Palestinian children.

Press TV

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{ LINK: DeafMuslimPunk: Israeli settlers (AKA scumbags) broke into a Palestinian home and tried to take it over and beat up some members of the Palestinian family. }


Israel, the Terrorist, the Invader.

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) 6-22-11 Maan News Agency— A Beit Safafa family said several members were brutally beaten by Israeli settlers on Wednesday morning, in an attack that was said to have lasted four hours starting just after midnight.

The Zawahra family…

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“Israel has been regularly attacking Palestinian fishermen within the purported 3 nautical mile fishing limit. The livelihood of many Gazans relies on fishing and Israel has been using live ammunition and water cannons to prevent fishermen from doing their work. We will continue to go out with the Palestinians and document human rights violations, despite the powerful threats we and Gazan fishermen face.”

Joe Catron, an American human rights worker aboard the Oliva ..

_The Israeli navy attacked Civil Peace Service Gaza volunteers along with international press and Palestinian fishermen today. One of the Israeli ships targeted the boats with high pressure water cannons.Meanwhile, a small naval boat approached the Oliva and hit it from behind, stopping the boat and causing serious damage to the engine. The crew aboard the Oliva was evacuated to other boats and all the boats at sea were forced to turn back.

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{ hey @IsraelinUSA when will the Israel army explain why they raided Freedom Theatre in Jenin & arrested two people? We want an answer NOW. }


Tweet @IsraelinUSA or call the Israel Embassy +1-202-364-5500 and demand an answer why the IDF attacked a cultural institution on Palestinian soil in the middle of night, and demand that Adnan and Bilal (the 2 Palestinians who were arrested) be LET GO. MORE INFO HERE.

please do this and/or pass this around if you can.

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