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ok, I don’t know if i’m going to have the time to come back to this or not—I really hope that I do. so this link is *officially* a bookmark so that I can find the page again when I have more time to comment on it.

But just in case I *don’t*—*please* read the comment thread on this post. and pay particular attention to Richard’s comments. Richard is anti-SPLC (southern poverty law center), one of the few mainstream-ish pro-immigrant think tanks that also does extensive research on hate groups/white supremacy orgs. Richard does not like this organization for various reasons—I would argue the biggest is that he’s a white supremacist nativist. the things I hope people notice from his comments:

1. that he consistantly defines himself as *reasonable* and *having a conversation*. 

2. he consistantly mocks the idea that his *reasonable discussions* could possibly make him a white supremacist. white supremacy is “unreasonable”—which he is not. thus he is not a white supremacist.

3. he uses tons and tons of statistics to *prove* his reasonable discussion is NOT about hating immigrants, but about disliking “being played.”

4. he consistently (and deftly) uses far right narratives (like “illegal alien is a legal designation NOT a hate slur) in his “reasonable discussion” and uses links to provide *proof* of how reasonable he is. 

5. he uses “facts” as a way to reframe the discussion about the work of the SPLC—instead of a pro-immigrant, anti-white supremacist organization—they become an organization that first and foremost have suspicious handling of money. (you should be remembering ACORN right now).

6. with exception of Zuzu—his *tactics work*. Not only are other commentors on the thread attacking Zuzu for *unreasonably* going after a “reasonable” commentor—but the moderator of the thread reprimands her as well—to be fair—the other commentor attacking Zuzu appears to be a problem (troll) on other threads and the moderator *does* apologize to Zuzu later on, but neither the moderator or any other person on the thread outside of zuzu (from what I saw, I may have missed something) *explicitly* calls richard out for what he is or his comments for what they are: a white supremacist nativist spewing out white supremacist hate.

and when the thread gets “back on track”—there is also *no “reframing of the reframe”*—Richard’s comments make it look like there is a lot of questionable shenanigans going on with the SPLC-other commenters point out that “this is how not for profits work”—but—Richard used several key phrases in just that argument alone (not to even get into his other comments on “illegal aliens” etx): tax payer money, waste, etc. which are *code words of anti-immigrant nativist organizing.*

—so those who point out how he doesn’t understand how not for profits work—are not *really* addressing what he is arguing: that big government is using tax payer money to give “special protections” to criminals who are invading our country. he has reframed the SPLC—and there is no reframing of *his* reframing so that, for example, poor white workers dealing with lengthy layoffs reading this thread can clearly see how what the SPLC does directly benefits them. All they see is *his* reframing and the “University Liberals” not really addressing his unnerving (for their lived reality) points.

Ok—that’s all I really have time for right now. But in case I can’t get back to this—this hopefully makes sense.

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When Jill wrote “Filling the Gaps,” it wasn’t. It was “three people, of which I [Jill] am the only one who has any inclination to write regularly.” When Feministe was being taken to task for being one of MANY, MANY mainstream *F*eminist blogs to pass by Jessica Yee’s anthology, Feminism FOR REAL? Then Feministe was not an institution. It was a project, sustained by very few people who all have real jobs elsewhere. How could anyone even *suggest* that Jill is propping up an Internet *F*eminist institution that devalues the work of WOC and maintains a harmful status quo? She writes this shit on her lunch break, you guys.

But when Feministe is criticized for giving a platform to Hugo Schwyzer, a known and un-accountable abuser, Jill doesn’t need to step in because Feministe is bigger than her. She is just one of many talented bloggers who have made Feministe what it is today. Other people have posted about it. Her health concerns (unlike those of certain other people) and personal life prevented her from participating in an institution-wide discussion, not a personal outlet.

And I’m not saying that online discourse—even online enabling and online abuse culture—need to take precedence over everything else, even for *F*eminists. But I am saying that it’s very interesting to see who controls the language that we’re using. And I find it very interesting that the language being used right now, to describe pushback against a Noted Male Feminist who tried to murder his sleeping ex-girlfriend, is “internet blow-up” and not “racism” or “enabling” or “abuse culture.”

[bold mine] Yes.

This is what I mean about lol-just-internet (when it’s not their pain) versus OMG-how-dare-you-dismiss-this-MY-GREATEST-LABOR-OF-LOVE (when it is).

Have the cake or eat it, but obvious cake-hoarding is obvious.

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