{ LINK: Dolphin Deaths In Gulf Region Spike, Probably Because Of That Massive Oil Spill That Happened }


Ten months ago, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico, leaving behind an “oil volcano” belching millions of gallons of poison into the waters of the Gulf region. The spill was stopped up in mid-September, weeks after most of the media started pretending that the massive quantities of oil had basically disappeared, perhaps eaten by magical microbes!

So, how is the marine life in the Gulf doing these days? Dying off, actually, thanks for asking!

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{ LINK: Alaska Wilderness League: Reject the "Mop and Bucket" Brigade in America's Arctic Ocean }


now the blurb:

The Deepwater Horizon disaster is less than a year behind us. The oil industry is looking to stretch its tentacles into new territory – America’s Arctic Ocean – without the technology or know-how to clean up a spill in the Arctic’s extreme conditions. Yet Shell Oil continues to claim that drilling in America’s Arctic Ocean is safe, boldly suggesting that they could clean up more oil than in the temperate Gulf Coast waters. 

As the oil industry pushes to drill in America’s Arctic Ocean, we must remind the Obama administration that we can no longer rely on the oil industry’s “mop and bucket” brigades to protect our irreplaceable natural treasures. Tell the Obama administration to prevent dangerous new drilling.

{ LINK: a fool sees not the same tree: TIMEOUT: emergency in Japan }

BIC camera is offering free recharging on their outlets, please keep your keitais open and tuned to twitter or tumblr.

Emergency messaging service 

If you’re stranded and you need to leave someone a message, dial 171, then 1, then your own home phone number, then leave your message. To pick up a message, it’s 171, then 2, then your home phone number (the number you think the stranded person would have left).

NHK TV messaging service
If you want to send a message to someone in the affected areas where all phone lines are down, NHK will broadcast your message on their TV service. The numbers on which to place your message are 03 5452 8800, or 050 3369 9680. If you are outside Japan, please remember to put the +81 prefix.

An emergency line has been set up for non-Japanese speakers, on 050 5814 7230 and 03 5366 6001. English, Chinese, Korean are available 24 hours a day. Portuguese and Spanish between 9am-8pm.


Suntory vending machines have emergency levers beneath a sticker on the upper-right corners. Pull the sticker off, pull the lever firmly and you’ll get free drinks.

PLEASE REBLOG. Japanese phones are all 3G/wireless equipped so they could very well access info here.

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{ please don’t donate to red cross }





also, if you’re going to donate $ to hawaii or japan (because they’re definitely going to need it after that 8.9 earthquake), please please please don’t send it to red cross. every CEO they’ve had makes $400-$600,000 a year on top of government compensation. 27% of donations during 9/11 actually went to the victims (see link) and less than half of their donations for haiti actually made it over there last year. find a small charity local to the problem so your cash ends up with people who actually need it instead of someone’s wallet.—A-Humani-by-Pokey-Anderson-100116-935.html

Not to mention they don’t help queer/trans* folx - operates independently of any political, military, or religious agendas.


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{ JAPANESE government just confirmed that the latest earthquake in Japan has shaken the nuclear plant and thus confirms there is going to be radiation leaks at the Fukushima nuclear plants. Asian countries should take necessary precautions. Please remain indoor for the first 24 hours. Close doors and windows. Cover neck skin (throat and tyroid area) because radiation will hit there first. Radiation will hit Philippines starting from 4pm today. Please inform your loved ones in the Asian countries. (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia) Thank You. }



Source; BBC News Channel

This is Asia.

Assuming radiation were leaking out of Japan at such an alarming rate:

1. North and South Korea, and eastern China, would be affected long before the Philippines;

2. If the radiation is such that it can make it all the way to Singapore the entire Earth is basically fucked;

3. Putting on a scarf is not going to do shit;

4. Pretty sure the BBC would know how to spell “thyroid”.

This is the most recent article I can find on BBC News. It is harrowing, but not nearly the zombie apocalypse this chain letter is making it out to be.

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{ "The people of Kandahar city in Afghanistan donated 40,000 dollars to Japan for the people who are suffering. It is those who live under two dollars a day who make such a donation. I wept when I heard the news." -Mari Oka, Professor of Arabic at Kyoto University. }


Afghanistan is one of the world’s poorest and most war-wrecked nations.. and still, Afghan officials in Kandahar donated money to victims of the Japan earthquake/tsunami disaster. This article is especially for all you racist, arrogant, selfish U.S Americans who constantly complain and whine about how the United States is supposedly the only nation that gives money to other nations in times of crisis. Guess what, assholes? Other nations have stepped in to help the victims, too!

KABUL - ONE of impoverished Afghanistan’s most violent provinces on Saturday offered $50,000 in aid to help victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, officials said.

The cash has been offered by officials in Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan, which is seen as the birthplace of the Taliban and is one of the areas worst affected by violence in Afghanistan’s near-ten year war.

‘On behalf of the residents of Kandahar, mayor Ghulam Haidar Hamidi announced $50,000 in aid to the people affected by earthquakes and tsunami in Japan,’ a statement from Kandahar’s provincial governor said.

Japan was hit by an 8.9-magnitude earthquake on Friday which triggered a tsunami, killing hundreds of people and leaving thousands unaccounted for.

The world’s third-largest economy has been one of the main contributors of aid for the reconstruction and development of desperately poor Afghanistan.

In 2009, Japan pledged up to five billion dollars in aid for Afghanistan, to be delivered by 2013. — AFP

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{ LINK: donate to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) }

not everything i’ve heard about them is good, but i have heard a lot of good things, and they appear to be doing good work wrt the tsunami and earthquake in Japan.

i have, on the other hand, heard much worse things about the Red Cross (not much of their donations actually get to people who need it; they royally fucked up wrt the Haitian earthquake, including giving people drinking water tainted with Cholera; they’re anti-LGBT — these are things i’ve heard and i can find links for you if you want).

{ LINK: People who have touched BP's Gulf dispersants are bleeding and dying }

*WARNING* — graphic descriptions of illness and injuries at the link


Sound dramatic? It is. Al Jazeera reports on a range of injuries, sicknesses, and fatalities from people living and working around the Gulf after the BP disaster. These people have horrifically high levels of “volatile organic compounds” in their bloodstream. While the American media sleeps, the HuffPo at least reports on a woman marching from Louisiana to DC to hold politicians to account for their cover up.

I hope people in the south realize that Al Jazeera is probably their greatest media friend right now. Fox News has nothing on the issue. 

could’ve done without that crack about the south but yeah, this is a really important [fucking terrifying] story.

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{ LINK: Google Person Finder for 2011 Japan Earthquake }

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{ LINK: Google Person Finder for those missing in the Chch Quake }

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