Forgive me, I usually try to keep the snark away from here, but I just finished watching this week’s episode of Criminal Minds and it compelled me to dig up something I wrote some time last year.

Standard disclaimer: I’m not saying all of these things are automatically wrong or never ever happen in real life. I’m just saying they’re really, really, nauseatingly clichéd and I may need to start throwing lawn chairs around if I see them again anytime soon.

Additions welcome.

Corinne’s Rules for Writing Autistic Characters™

* Some of us are female.
* Some of us are over the age of twelve.
* Some of us have actual personalities beyond ‘autistic’.
* Some of us have identities beyond Difficult Witness or Precocious Child.
* Some of us aren’t savants. Boring, I know.
* Some of us will, in fact, know when you’re being condescending and/or talking about us as though we’re not in the same damn room together.
* Some of us have emotions beyond PANIC and BLANK.
* Some of us may even do a freakish thing like hold down a job or have a relationship.
* Some of us can explain our condition ourselves instead of needing throwaway character X to do it for us.
* Some of us will be autistic even when it’s inconvenient to your story.
* Some of us can communicate in ways that don’t include far-fetched puzzles. We might even speak! Using words!
* Some of us will simply cringe instead of scream at the top of our lungs when touched unexpectedly.
* Some of us exist for purposes other than to make your main character look ~*sympathetic*~.
* Some of us will, in fact, refuse to look your main character in the eye or allow a hug even when they’re trying to have a moving scene. Sorry. We’re self-centered jerks like that.
* Some of us could even be main characters ourselves. (Maybe even in a story that’s not about autism. Shhh, don’t tell anyone!)

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I got bored with Criminal Minds and wandered away a season or so ago … somehow, I don’t feel compelled to return.

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{ Good to know we’re just props }



The front page of the CityLife section of our morning news paper had a really nifty pic of a singer decked out in colourful bird make-up and feathers. I didn’t know the man, but the pic caught my eye, so I read the short text accompanying the pic on the front page.

“[a few words about his scene, his show]… and in his everyday life he looks after an autistic.”

Not “looks after a kid with autism/autistics kid”. Not “is a personal aid to an adult with autism”. No. Just “he looks after an autistic”.

And in the article inside the paper none of this was mentioned with so much a single word. The article was an entire page. This autistic person was only mentioned once, and only as “an autistic”.


Thank you, fail-y newspaper, for showing once again that we are not truly people. That we do not count as such. That a living breathing human PERSON does not deserve any mention other than as a prop to describe some singer’s life.

Yes, most musicians need ‘regular’ jobs to make a living, and they have their stage-life on top of that. So theoretically it’s relevant to mention that “during the daytime s/he works in the bakery/sings in the church/is a personal aide/secretary/is a sales assistant”, but that… dehumanising shit: “looks after an autistic”. It’s like we’re not even human enough to be designated children, adults, even just person. If they had to specify they could’ve said “he’s a carer for a person with disabilities” - in fact we have a one-word jobtitle for that here in DK, so it’s not like it would’ve taken up space to write the correct term.

This is such a blatant sympathy card to play. “Oh look, he’s such a saintly person looking after one *those*” And no mention of the word people/person. And no mention of this person in the article, only further proving how much of a prop this autistic person was used as.

This newspaper does so well in most gender-related issues as well as race issues. But disability is still a majorly screwy issue for them. It’s the same newspaper who diagnosed Israel with “increasing autism” after the Freedom Flotilla heading for Gaza was so violently stopped.



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{ TRIGGER WARNING FOR ABLEISM - - OMG I’m glad I don’t get all those trolls. }


The past week has apparently been really bad for some of the people I follow. Some seriously triggery shit.

And OMG, so many people policing what autism is and isn’t. And how you can ALWAYS tell from looking at a person. Fuck is this shit? How the fuck do these people think so many adults are diagnosed as late as they are? Because some of us learn to fucking hide our weird differences so no one notices, and then we pay the cost when we’re alone, being completely exhausted and triggered and shit.

Oh yeah, and whenever Asperger’s is mentioned it must necessarilt refer to the DSM? Bullshit! Asperger did his studies without the DSM. His results were included in the DSM, and the criteria have been consistently changing as the pros learn more.

Also: Asperger’s is also used as the name for it in countries where the DSM is not used. Fancy that. There’s a world outside the US. I know it’s hard to believe. Ever heard of the ICD? I hear they use that in the US as well.


What a bunch of crap to start the day with. I wish I had the option of just going back to bed, ‘cause that’s seriously what I feel like doing right now. Seeing people write that I don’t exists generally has that effect.

Fucking shit.

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{ LINK: I Do Not Suffer From Autism }


items that really speak to me (especially in bold):

  • I suffer when someone calls my way of being a disorder.
  • I suffer when others invest time and money to prevent people like me from being born.
  • I suffer when anyone suggests that I might recover or be cured.
  • I suffer when I fear that people will consider me broken.
  • I suffer when my being autistic scares people away.
  • I suffer when others try to silence me.
  • I suffer when people suggest that I do not have all the same feelings they do.
  • I suffer because I must describe my way of being by referring to a medical diagnosis.
  • I suffer because I live in a culture that does not cultivate sensitivity.

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{ Okay okay okay it’s Emily needs some resources time }


(and it’s actually unrelated mostly to my life being surreal and complicated that I’ve occasionally hinted at. BUT YEAH)

Okay okay, so like… I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in third and fourth grade (they were a bit mashed together for me, actually) and was, well, coercively given treatment and accommodations for it throughout high school.  (And because my ADHD and social phobia were entirely unrecognized, they were actually almost entirely unhelpful)

Sometime around college I got into actually healthy social situations, and concluded, since I was able to be social, that clearly this diagnosis was wrong. (Well and I recognized social phobia, which seemed to at that point explain a lot of my situation better)

BUT: I honestly have no clue at this point.  Really I can pretty safely say almost all the information I have about autism and such is pretty much bullshit written by oppressive outsiders, and so like… I really have no idea how to assess myself and figure out whether I am somewhere on the autism spectrum or if ADHD accounts for all my brain non-normativity.  …well and I’m not even entirely sure if ADHD isn’t related because like… half the stuff I definitely have that fits with autism is also common in people with ADHD and I’m just confused.

Anyway, stuff I definitely have: sensitivity to sound and smells, and really badly to textures or materials.  I do also do a lot of like, fidgety time movements and tend to, like, when I’m alone talk to myself and pace around and make weird noises.  And I think my body language might be not what’s expected; at the very least I often sit with my legs pressed up against my chest or in other ways that people might see as weird.

I’m also, at least when my social phobia isn’t getting in the way, really talkative with people.  And I definitely get most of my energy from interacting with people.  And I wouldn’t exactly say I have one or two really intense interests, but I do like, collect information about everything.

I frequently do not make eye contact.  Especially when I am stressed.  (I actually think I might like, randomly disassociate a bit from my body in such situations so like… I’ll carry on a conversation while my body is not reacting like I’m in one. I only just recently noticed this though so I’m not super certain)

I may take things more literally than I’d expect, or miss out on subtext or whatever.  I’m not entirely sure here.  I definitely can recall times where that’s happened.

(And I most certainly do not lack empathy, but I am 90% sure that is a bullshit trait that is ascribed to autism by outsiders who have no clue what they are talking about.  I don’t know for sure that my empathy is expressed in the usual ways.)

SO LIKE: Anyone have any information or whatever that can help me?

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{ LINK: Fuck Yeah Autism Spectrum now exists! }






It will be all kinds of awesome.

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{ LINK: WHAT.: Hey all, got sent a petition regarding the "Wandering" diagnosis code. }




A light summary is that this code added to autistic disorders could be used by schools to justify using restraints and by caretakers to justify using tracking devices (including abusive caretakers, reducing the capacity to escape abuse).

It’s also pretty likely this will get…

This is very important, obviously. -Eric

I’ve already posted this but it’s really fucking serious, so reblogging again…

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a subsidiary of, well, me, i suppose: Spectrum Doctor Who fans, I need your help!


Autism spectrum Doctor Who fans and friends, I need your help!

I am a Doctor Who fan and an Aspie working on a book project about Doctor Who and the autism spectrum, and the most important thing I can imagine is for this book to incorporate as many viewpoints as possible.
I am looking for…

Reblogging to help Jey, who I love with love and things.  I don’t qualify for her research, but there might be some of you who do!

I don’t qualify either, but — signal boost!

Oh, I do, and this could be interesting.

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{ LINK: New post on my blog }


I have a new post on my blog after some discussion here about what to call people who aren’t autistic and how I don’t like any of the language used for it:

The word “neurotypical”, whether in the sense of “not autistic” and the more general sense of “not mentally ill”, has an array of problems. Let’s split the word into it’s roots and take them on that way. I’ll be starting from the back, since that’s the one I’ve had complaints with for longer.

The whole thing is up at the link.

{ LINK: Kate Winslet To Pen Autism Book }




What the actual fuck.

This is my favorite part:Ben Stiller, Christina Aguilera, Demi Moore, Ellen Page, Maria Sharapova, Jude Law, Naomi Watts, Meryl Streep and Ricky Gervais are among those participating. Each celebrity will… share a personal statement about what their first words would be if they were “unlocked” after living for years unable to communicate, as Keli did.” (Bolding mine)

Just. What the fuck.


Someone get the Key to Time, we need to shut down the Universe.

@technicolortimecoat: i watched Timelash yesterday.  it made more sense than this book existing.

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