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Smash the White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy: dandamon: the gongoozler who loved me: Black Mother Jailed for Sending…



the gongoozler who loved me: Black Mother Jailed for Sending Kids to White School District



Black Mother Jailed For Sending Kids to White School District

An Ohio mother of two was sentenced to 10 days in jail and placed on three years…

How long will the african americans play the race card? I’ve worked damn hard for everything I have in my life and have had equal opportunity to obtain it. There are so many social welfare programs set up help minorities and there are very many african americans who are far more successful than I am. They have equal right to the exact same public education that I had. If you want to talk about where “white folks” have a better education? That would be private schooling where even I can’ t afford to go. The problem is with the public education system, not the racial divide. Every school in America is allowed subsequent funding based on the population it serves.

africans will play the ‘race card’ as long as the ‘race card is delt to them. that is the card of white supremacy, racism, classism and inequality.  there may be africans more successful than you, but that is not proportionate to racial and economic disparities that exist in this country. i think your analysis lacks serious context. african people (not the only folks w/ disproportionately underprivileged access to good, empowering education) were stolen, murdered, raped, tortured, hunted, marginaized, criminalized and kept captive as slaves in a feudal system and then slowly ‘freed’ into a violently racist capitalist system, and left to compete with a largely racist or ignorant white working class for industrial jobs (read: j sakai’s ‘mythology of the white proletariat’). nobody wants to depend on the government to be taken care of. but again, when you keep an entire people captive as slaves and then say, ‘you’re on your own’ in a segregated and white supremacist society, it’s admittedly going to be a bit of a struggle. not only did slavery not officially ‘end’ with the civil war, but neither did segregation end with the civil rights era. you wouldn’t have to look far to read about how america’s public education system is more racially segregated today than it was during official ‘segregation’. (johnathon kozol’s ‘the shame of the nation’ is the only book i’ve read and know much about, but i’m sure there are much better resources to find out about this.

african communities and most communities of color are essentialy occupied by the police. going into the ‘wrong’ neighborhood or ‘wrong’ side of town, sudden movements, reaching in your pockets, hanging out in crowds can get you anything from harassment to death at the hands of the police. black folks are kept in poor communities by violent force.

when they want to get their children into a public education system with more resources and funding, (usually white school systems) this is the shit that happens.

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